What Are Baby Earwigs?


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Baby earwigs, called nymphs, are a juvenile form of the earwig, a common insect that is characterized by the pair of forceps pincers on its abdomen. Earwig nymphs closely resemble their adult forms, although much smaller in size. An earwig nymph undergoes a series of five moults before adulthood.

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What Are Baby Earwigs?
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Earwigs typically live in dark crevices and emerge at night in search of food. Most earwigs are scavengers, but some species are omnivorous or carnivorous. Although earwigs have wings, they rarely fly. The pronounced abdominal pincers of the earwig are used in capturing prey and in self-defense. Earwigs are preyed upon by a wide assortment of animals, including birds, spiders, insects, amphibians and lizards.

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