What Do Baby Bats Eat?


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Baby bats are called pups and they acquire their nutrition by feeding on the milk of the mother. Baby bats nurse from the time they are born up to about six months of age.

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While many people find bats unappealing or even scary, these creatures have remarkable abilities. The female bat has the amazing ability to delay her fertilization or egg implantation based on how much food is available in the environment and other factors that can harm her pregnancy. After acquiring male sperm, she can store it until she wakes up from hibernation in the spring and can choose to give birth during the late spring or early summer. Some species, including the well-known fruit bat, can synchronize births collectively. Even with this high level of self-control, most species give birth to one baby at a time in a given season. Bats are very attached to their offspring and can recognize their own compared to others by differences in sound and scent. The mother bat will nurse and protect her young while it is vulnerable; it lacks developed wings when born and overall cannot take care of itself. It generally takes six months for the bat to reach full maturity and independence, although the age of maturity can vary by species.

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