What Is the Average Cost of Debarking a Dog?

average-cost-debarking-dog Credit: André Homan Photography/Moment/Getty Images

A debarking operation can cost from $100 to $500 according to about.com. Debarking costs will vary and depends on the vet used to perform the procedure.

Debarking is a surgical procedure that reduces the tissue in a dog's vocal cords. It is performed to decrease the volume of a dog's bark and will prohibit the sound of the bark from traveling over a wide area.

Debarking doesn't remove the dog's ability to bark. Owners debark their dogs if the noise becomes a nuisance for neighbors, and it is seen as a viable alternative to re-homing the animal. As with any procedure that requires anesthesia, there is a certain amount of risk with debarking. In rare cases, scar tissue forms on the vocal cords resulting in the bark being louder than before surgery.