What Are Some Facts About Australian Arowanas?

What Are Some Facts About Australian Arowanas?

Australian arowanas come in pearl and spotted varieties and can grow up to 3 feet in length. Australian arowanas are bony fish that live in fresh water and are classified under the family Osteoglossidae.

Arowanas, also called bonytongues, are covered in heavy scales. They have long dorsal and anal fins, while their pectoral and ventral fins are short.

This fish has a toothed bone on the floor of its mouth. The arowana gets oxygen from water by sucking it into its swim bladder. It is a facultative air breather; it only breathes oxygen when it has to and uses its gills for oxygen otherwise.

Australian arowanas are carnivorous animals that prefer live food. They eat centipedes, frogs, krill, mealworms and crickets. Arowanas also eat smaller fish and prawns.

Arowanas are aggressive and prefer to be solitary as adults, with the exception of partnerships with specific fish such as the tinfoil barb, the Siamese tigerfish and the clown knifefish.

The arowanas are called "water monkeys" due to their excellent jumping abilities. They are specialized surface feeders and are sometimes seen jumping 6 feet out of the water to hunt. All arowanas are mouthbrooders, which means they hold their young in their mouths for extended periods of time.

Australian arowanas are primitive fish and were traditionally associated with dragons, wealth and good luck.