What Attracts Moths?

The army cutworm, or “miller” moth, is attracted to light sources. Indian meal moths are attracted to dry food sources that are unsealed. Clothes moths are not attracted to light and are found in dark places in the home. Moth traps containing pheromones attract this type of moth.

Control of the miller moth can be accomplished with insecticides. Any openings in the home should be sealed and light should be reduced if possible. The moths also die on their own within a few days. Insecticides are not recommended for controlling Indian meal moths as they are found near food sources. Instead, discard old food that shows signs of infestation. Look for signs of webbing and small, white worms in the food sources.

Food that is infested can be placed in a sealed package in a freezer to kill the moths. It can also be heated in a microwave or oven to kill the larvae and insect eggs. Doing this for three hours at 125 degrees Fahrenheit gets rid of both. Keep noninfested food stored in sealed containers in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. It can be returned to the original storage area once the infestation is gone.

Dry cleaning kills clothes moths. Storing clothing in sealed containers also helps to fight the problem. Cedar chests and moth balls repel some of the insects.