How Do You Attract Owls?

How Do You Attract Owls?

Attract owls into a yard by providing the food they hunt, offering nesting sites and creating a natural environment. When an owl's needs are met, the birds stay in that area.

  1. Provide food sources

    Owls hunt live prey, so to attract them, live prey must be available. Owls eat mice, snakes, squirrels and voles. Attract these food sources, and owls should follow. Leave grass uncut, provide brush piles, and put seed on the ground for the rodents.

  2. Offer nesting sites

    Owls don't build nests, but rather find and use suitable spots in trees, barns or nesting boxes. Build or create nesting sites, and once the owls have found the food source, they won't go far to find their homes. Attach nesting boxes to trees, high poles or the sides of buildings. Research the types of owls in the area to determine the best type of nesting site.

  3. Create a natural environment

    Rather than a sparse, perfectly manicured lawn, let the yard grow up a bit. To roost, owls prefer dense tree growth with hollow tree trunks. Offering them cover, shelter and protection makes them feel safe, and encourages them to set up permanent residence in the yard. Leave dead tree branches intact, and eliminate floodlights. This makes the owls feel as comfortable and safe in the yard as they do in the wild.