How do you attract deer?


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Attract deer by growing shrubs and greenery that deer feed on, building a water source, placing corn feeders in your yard, and adding a salt block. You need shrubs, a salt block, water, a bird bath and corn feeders.

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  1. Grow edible vegetation

    Grow vegetation deer find edible. Keep this area natural and untended. Some shrubs and plants that deer feed on include autumn olive, elderberry, blackberry and bayberry. Use a mixture of tall and low shrubs to create an oasis and safe place for deer to go. Plant an oak tree in your yard, which is an important food source for deer.

  2. Build a water source

    Add a water source to the natural area where deer can drink and bathe. It does not have to be a complicated feature. A birdbath or pond works well. You can also dig a trench in the ground for water to collect.

  3. Place corn feeders in your yard

    Add corn feeders to your yard. Place them in the natural area you made and as far from the house as possible.

  4. Add a salt block

    Add a salt block or salt lick to your yard in an isolated place. Place it in the natural, shrubby area or a place where people do not often venture.

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