How Do You Attract Bluebirds?


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Attract bluebirds to the yard by supplying them with the specific food, water, shelter and nesting sites they need. Grassy areas of the yard must also be kept trimmed so the birds can find insects and worms easily.

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Bluebirds eat a wide variety of insects, especially during nesting season. Ensure that there are enough insects for the birds to feed on by avoiding the use of insecticides on the lawn. Placing mealworms in a ground or platform feeder is a good way to augment their food supply. They also eat a variety of berries, so adding berry-producing shrubs, such as sumac, holly and elderberry, makes the yard more bluebird friendly. Make sure that there is always clean, fresh water for the birds to drink and bathe. Place a low basin in the yard with approximately 1 to 2 inches of water, or use a small fountain to attract their attention. The bird bath must also be large enough to accommodate at least a dozen bluebirds at a time.

Remove any dense foliage from the yard to attract blue birds. They prefer widely spaced, mature trees and low ground cover that surrounds open grassy areas. This makes the birds feel more secure while they feed. In the winter, provide medium or large-sized roosting boxes or wooden bird houses to provide shelter from harsh weather and cold temperatures. Use pine needles or scraps of cotton for nesting material inside the roosting boxes, and make sure to clean out the bird's nesting sites after each brood fledges to encourage additional nesting.

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