How Do You Attract Bats?

How Do You Attract Bats?

To attract bats, allow insects to live on the property and install bat houses near a water source. Allowing old buildings and trees to remain on the property also attracts bats. Bat houses might remain unoccupied for a year or longer.

  1. Provide natural habitats

    Bats can eat up to 600 insects per hour and are attracted to areas with large insect populations. If possible, stop mowing a portion of the property to attract insects and bats. Hollow trees and abandoned buildings, such as old barns, also attract bats and should be allowed to remain undisturbed to encourage bats on the property.

  2. Install a bat house

    Bat houses should be at least 2 feet tall, 1 foot wide and 3 inches deep. Construct a bat house with rough-cut lumber, and hang it at least 15 feet high in an area where bats are encouraged. Allow at least one year for the bats to move into the house.

  3. Provide a water source

    Bats naturally live in areas where water is abundant. Locate bat houses within a quarter-mile of a natural water source, such as a pond, or consider adding an artificial water source to the property to attract bats and their prey.