What Are Some Facts About the Arctic Fox?

The arctic fox lives in the tundra areas of the world ranging from Alaska to Russia. They eat squirrels, lemmings, small birds, eggs, berries and fish and grow to be between 18 and 26 inches long.

Everything about the arctic fox makes it easy for the animal to live in its frozen habitat. The fox has thick fur and hairy paws to give it traction on the ice and snow. Its fur changes color with the seasons, ranging from gray or brown in the spring and summer to white in the winter. Its colors help it to blend into its surroundings, no matter the weather.

Arctic foxes give birth to five to nine pups in a den, anywhere from September until May, which keeps the family protected from predators as well as from the elements. In order to provide for their families, arctic foxes must be able to hunt in any condition. They have incredible hearing that allows them to hear prey in burrows and tunnels underground and when it finds a meal, it pounces, breaking the layer of snow and ice, revealing its prey. Unlike many other species, arctic foxes mate for life and both the mother and father help to raise the young.