How Do You Apply for a Dog License in Pennsylvania?

How Do You Apply for a Dog License in Pennsylvania?

Dog owners in Pennsylvania may receive a license for their pets by visiting their county treasurer office in person, by applying online, by mailing in a completed license form complete with fee, or by contacting a local veterinary clinic. As of 2015, Pennsylvania offers both annual and lifetime dog licenses, and the criteria for each and the agents who can provide them differ slightly.

For an annual dog license, owners can submit an application through the mail, their local county website, or in person at their local county treasurer's office. In all cases, the dog must be three months old or older, and the application must be accompanied by a fee. This fee is $8.50 for intact dogs and $6.50 for spayed or neutered dogs. Owners must acquire their licenses by January 1 of each year.

Some counties choose to provide owners with other locations where they can license their dogs. For example, in Delaware County, owners can obtain a license at Brookhaven Borough Hall and Delaware County SPCA. In Chester County, licenses are available from Animal Resorts and Oxford Borough.

For owners seeking a lifetime license, the rules are a little different. Dogs with a lifetime license must have a tracking microchip implanted. The owner also needs a form from a veterinarian verifying that the dog has a microchip. Fees for a lifetime license are higher than those for an annual license: $51.50 for intact dogs and $31.50 for spayed or neutered animals. Some counties, such as Delaware County, do not allow owners to apply online for lifetime licenses.

Seniors and people with low income can receive discounts on license fees for both annual and lifetime licenses.