Will Anything Kill Ladybug Beetles?


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Ladybug beetles are exterminated by using residual insecticide or pesticide. Non-chemical control methods, such as light trapping, sweeping or vacuuming, don't kill the pesky pests.

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Ladybug beetles invade homes during the winter to hibernate. They get into homes through cracks, crevices and any gaps spotted, such as open windows or doors. While these beetles are beneficial and harmless in nature, they often infest homes in large numbers, causing unnecessary disturbances.

Essentially, the most effective method for eliminating ladybugs is spraying residual insecticide. Generally, the pests are killed at the point of contact with the deadly chemical. To prevent their return, chemicals are sprayed around the exterior of doors and windows, cracks, gaps, crevices and any other habitat.

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