What Are Some Anxiety Medicines for Dogs?


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There are several choices of anti-anxiety medications for dogs. Bach Rescue Remedy can help with thunderstorm, car ride and separation anxiety, according to Heavy. A non-invasive option is the Sentry Calming Collar, which releases pheromones to help reduce anxiety. There are also treat options, such as Chillout dog treats.

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Bach Rescue Remedy is a natural formula mixed with the dog's food or water to help fear, anxiety and behavioral issues, explains Bach Rescue Remedy Pet. Five of the Bach Original Flower Remedies make up the formula.

The Sentry Calming Collar uses a pheromone that mimics that of a mother dog, who produces it to calm her puppies, notes Sentry. The collar reduces or eliminates stress-related behaviors.

Chillout dog treats use a mix of vanilla, lemon balm and lavender to ease anxiety in dogs, reports Isle of Dogs. Many people report that the treats are especially beneficial during thunderstorms.

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