Why Do Ants Come Into the House?

Ants venture into homes for many reasons; however, food and comfortable environments are the two most common causes. Homes with the correct moisture levels, adequate shelter and a good supply of food meet the survival requirements for ants. One or more of these properties can invite ants into a home.

While ants are at home on leaves and the branches of plants, if they are planted too close to the house, it could act as a bridge and an invitation for ants to venture indoors. If one ant finds something it needs in order to survive, such as food, when visiting your home its friends will use the same pathway that the first ant found in order to make their way to the same source of food.

Ants often go looking for food and can detect it effectively. Food, particularly those containing a high sugar content, can attract an ant's attention and the best way to stop them finding food in your home is by keeping it sealed or in high cabinets. If there are ants near the refrigerator, check the seals of the unit, if food cannot be kept up high, store it in resealable containers and remove garbage from the home regularly during the hot summer months.

The most likely points of entrance for ants are doors and windows, foundations and seams. If a homeowner spots an entry point for ants, ants will stop to use this route.