What Animals Start With the Letter A?

Animal names beginning with “a” include ant, aardvark and anteater. Two prehistoric animals called the ammonite and the ankylosaurus also begin with “a.” Animals that live in a region that start with the letter “a” may have that place in their names, such as the Amazon horned frog and the American bullfrog.

Ammonites were prehistoric aquatic animals that resembled the modern-day squid. They grew as wide as three feet in diameter, and their shells are common finds for fossil collectors. The ankylosaurus was a land-dwelling dinosaur that measured 25 to 35 feet in length, making it slightly shorter than a modern school bus. It was covered by hard, bony plates similar to those of the armadillo.

The armadillo’s cousin, the anteater, inhabits many of the same areas in South America as the armadillo. The anteater lacks the protective armor of its relative. The anteater, which can weigh as much as 140 pounds, uses its two-foot long tongue to eat ants, which also begin with “a.”

Sharing the Amazon basin with the anteater and the armadillo is the Amazon horned frog. These enormous amphibians can grow to the size of a plate and weigh up to 1 pound. The Amazon horned frog’s cousin, the American bullfrog, is only slightly larger, weighing up to 1.1 pounds.