What Are Some Animals Whose Names Begin With the Letter "R?"

Animals that begin with the letter R include rabbits, raccoons, robins, rats and reindeer. Other animals beginning with the letter R are the raven, rhinoceros, rattlesnake and ram.

Reindeer, otherwise known as caribou, are the only species of deer in which both females and males grow antlers. Their large hooves and warm coats provide them enough insulation to survive the extreme cold of the Arctic.

Rats' teeth grow at a rate of 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 inches per year. To wear the teeth down, rats gnaw on anything, including wood, cement, brick, bone and even their own teeth.

The rhinoceros is an herbivore famous for sporting a horn. Some rhino species have only one horn, while others have two. They are critically endangered due to extreme poaching. Poachers kill rhinos for their horns to sell on the black market.

The raven is one of the smartest birds in the world, known for its ability to solve problems. Studies have found that, while other birds flee from hearing gunshots, ravens often come closer to investigate whether there is food available for scavenging. Ravens eat just about anything, from carrion to berries. They even work in pairs, with one raven distracting a nesting bird from its nest, while the other raven steals an egg or a small chick.