What Are Some Animals That Mate for Life?

Some animals that mate for life are gibbons, black vultures, wolves, albatrosses and prairie voles, according to Mother Nature Network. Gibbons are the closest relatives to humans that form lifelong bonds and mate for life.

Gibbons have low sexual dimorphism, which means that males and females are roughly the same size, says MNN. Gibbon couples groom each other and hang in trees alongside each other. Another monogamous species is black vultures. These birds are known to attack other vultures that are caught philandering. Wolves are also loyal and devoted animals that stick with one partner. A pack of wolves is normally composed of a male, female and their offspring. This family setup is comparable to a nuclear family.

Albatrosses are birds that breed with one partner for life, states MNN. Although they fly lengthy distances over the oceans, they always go back to the same place when it's breeding time. The bonds between male and female pairs form over several years and last a lifetime. They often display their affection through ritual dances.

Although many rodents are known to be promiscuous, prairie voles are notably monogamous rodents that form relationships for life. They display a high level of supportive behavior, share responsibilities for nesting and raising pups, and huddle and groom each other.