What Animals Are Featured at the Brookfield Zoo?


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The Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, Illinois, is home to bears, big cats, dolphins, penguins and primates. The zoo also features bison, aardvark, wolves and a host of marine animals. As of 2015, the zoo arranges its numerous species in 21 exhibits, including the Australia House, Great Bear Wilderness and The Swamp.

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The zoo’s Australia House is home to animals native to the Australian continent, including emu, fruit bats, short-nosed echidnas, western gray kangaroos and woma pythons. The Big Cats exhibit features snow leopards, Amur tigers and leopards, and African lions, while the Feathers and Scales exhibit includes roadrunners, tawny frogmouths, blue poison frogs and Gambel’s quail.

The Brookfield Zoo’s Fragile Dessert exhibit includes North African natives, including the naked mole rat, black-footed cat, bat-eared fox and meerkat. The Great Bear Wilderness displays species native to North American, including polar and grizzly bears, Mexican gray wolves, bald eagles, and American bison.

In the Living Coast exhibit, zoo visitors view huge tanks filled with ocean life, including sharks, corals and fish. The exhibit also features the Humboldt penguin. The Seven Seas exhibit is dedicated to the bottlenose dolphin and includes an underwater viewing room for observing dolphins closely. The Swamp exhibit is home to the Orinoco crocodile, North American river otter, blue heron and alligator snapping turtle.

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