What Animals Eat Toucans?


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Large birds of prey and wild cats are the main predators of toucans. Eagles, hawks and owls are the large birds of prey that feed on toucans, and jaguars and margays are cats the prey on them.

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Toucans build their nests high up in trees to avoid the weasels, snakes and rats that eat toucan eggs. Likewise, after the chicks are born, both the mother and father stay nearby to protect the hatchlings from danger.

Humans represent another major danger for toucans. Some people eat toucans, but the more common threat comes from people trapping the beautiful birds to sell as pets. Toucans are also trapped and killed for their feathers and beaks.

Toucans are colorful birds that use their bright-hued feathers to blend into the foliage of their jungle and rain forest habitats. This form of camouflage is their main protection from predators. They also use a system of calls to warn each other of danger, as they live in small groups of six or seven birds. A toucan's large bill may scare off some smaller predators, but it is not a useful weapon because of its light, honey-combed construction. While its lightweight composition is necessary for flying, it's not strong enough to ward off predatory animals.

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