Which Animals Eat Shrimp?

The website What Eats states that numerous predators eat shrimp, including fish, birds, flamingos, insects, insect larvae, squid, octopuses and humans. Most shrimps are tiny, and they have a large number of natural enemies that feed on them.

There are various kinds of fish and birds that prey on shrimps, What Eats explains. The bill of flamingos is specially shaped for scooping up shrimps. Flamingos eat so many shrimps that a chemical in shrimps turn the flamingos’ feathers pink. Humans also like to eat shrimps, among other foods from the sea.

A-Z Animals states that shrimps are prey to many predators both in and out of the water, due to their abundance and small size. Aside from fish, crustaceans like starfish, sea urchins and crabs feed on shrimp. Moreover, sharks, dolphins and whales also consume shrimp.

According to A Snail’s Odyssey, predators of shrimp eggs and zoea larvae include jellyfishes, hydroid medusae, chaetognaths, zoea larvae of other decapods, and filter-feeding fishes like herring. Predators of adult shrimps include seagulls, cormorants, gray whales, salmon, flatfishes and salmon. Shrimps defend themselves by swimming rapidly, pinching with the chelipeds and withdrawing quickly into burrows or crevices. They also have a protective exoskeleton and use camouflaging coloration.