What Animals Eat Monkeys?

Types of animals that eat monkeys include birds of prey, large wild cats, hyenas, crocodiles and alligators. Monkeys' natural predators vary according to their location and size.

Small monkeys are commonly eaten by birds. Birds of prey use their keen eyesight to swoop down to the trees in which monkeys live and grasp them with their powerful claws.

Monkeys often live in the same habitats as wild cats, which are excellent hunters on land or in trees. Wild cats tend to hunt for young, unguarded monkeys, but they attack adults as well.

Some species of monkeys swim in water to cross streams or rivers, making them susceptible to crocodiles and alligators. Crocodiles and alligators are both excellent at hiding and camouflaging within their surroundings, making it difficult for monkeys to escape until it's too late. Hyenas also eat monkeys, and although they are weak hunters on their own, they are deadly as a pack.

In some places where food is scarce, humans hunt and eat monkeys. This can also be an effective way to eliminate monkey populations in areas where they compete with humans for limited supplies or have become a nuisance, such as by ruining crops and other food resources.