What Animals Eat Frogs?

What Animals Eat Frogs?

Animals that eat frogs include aquatic birds like herons and gulls, reptiles like snakes and crocodiles, and mammals like ocelots. Some frogs even eat other frogs. The American bullfrog, for example, doesn't hesitate to eat members of its own species.

The great blue heron is a grayish-blue bird that's found in both fresh and salt water throughout much of North America. Its bill is built like a spear to impale its prey. It usually hunts at dusk or dawn and swallows its prey whole.

Nerodia, which are types of water snakes found in North America, also specialize in fish, frogs and other amphibians.

Though it can tackle much larger prey, the American crocodile includes frogs in its diet. Far less common than the American alligator, it's an elusive animal that's found in the southernmost parts of Florida and the Caribbean. It can be differentiated from the alligator by its narrower snout. The fourth tooth in its lower jaw can also be seen when it closes its mouth.

The ocelot is a smallish wild cat that lives from southern Texas and down into the forests of South America. Its beautiful, leopard-like coat is part of what has made it endangered, and it's now protected throughout much of its range.