What Are Some Animals of the Arctic?


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Animals that make their home in the Arctic include the snowy owl, puffin, Arctic fox, lemming and musk ox. Examples of sea animals in the region are the polar bear, sea otter, walrus, orca and seal. All of these animals possess special adaptations that allow them to survive the cold.

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Snowy owls adapt to their Arctic environment by changing their plumage with the passing seasons. In the summer, the birds possess a brown covering with spots and stripes, but in the winter their plumage turns white, acting as an effective camouflaging agent in the vast regions of white snow. These birds eat eggs, mice, rabbits and smaller birds.

The Arctic fox is another carnivore of the north. Like the snowy owl, the Arctic fox's appearance changes depending on the season, displaying white fur in winter and gray in the summer. This canine feeds upon voles, lemmings, squirrels, fish and other meat items. It also acts as a scavenger, particularly around polar bears.

Polar bears, the icons of the global warming debate, are among the top predators of the far north. These massive creatures hunt fish and seals, and are at home both inside and outside of the water. They can kill and feed upon humans as well.

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