Do Animal Shelters Ever Put Cockatoos up for Adoption?


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Although most animal shelters only occasionally have parrots available, there are shelters that specifically take in cockatoos and other exotic birds and offer them to prospective owners. For example, A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, is a rescue and adoption center for many parrot species, including cockatoos.

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Avian rescues are animal shelters that focus on birds, ranging from waterfowl to parrots and songbirds. Traditional shelters may occasionally house an abandoned bird, but avian rescues specifically have birds in their care. Many avian rescues are even more specific. For example, the Florida Parrot Rescue only accepts parrots.

While some of these organizations, such as A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, are traditional shelter settings with a central facility prospective owners can visit, others are networks of foster homes. The Florida Parrot Rescue is one such foster program. Both Florida Parrot Rescue and A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife often have cockatoos available.

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