What Are Some Animal Facts About Pumas?


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Pumas are known scientifically as the "puma concolor," but they are also known as mountain lions, catamounts, cougars and panthers. The puma is a powerful animal that roams the mountains throughout the western United States,areas of Florida and areas of South America.

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Pumas are endangered animals, and there wereonly approximately 30,000 pumas left in the wild as of 2015. The reason for the fast decline of the puma is that humans in the pumas' territory have destroyed their habitat and separated the forested areas from one another. Pumas have had to come down from the mountains to attack livestock, which has led to hunters shooting them.

Pumas live a long time in the wild with a lifespan of 15to 20years. They give birth after approximately 11months and raise their young. Puma cubs learn how to hunt by watching their mothers and are protected by her in the wild. Pumas are excellent hunters and can attack everything fromporcupinesand rabbits to beavers and deer. These animals have perfected a hunting method that involves stalking before pouncing on the animal. Cougars also always pounce on the back of the animal's skull because they can instantly kill the prey this way.

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