What Are Some Animal Mating Rituals?


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In many species of birds, the male uses his colorful feathers in an elaborate display of courtship, such as dancing, brushing the female's face with his feathers, or decorating his nest. Some animals, such as the seahorse, dance, and others, such as male gibbons, sing.

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What Are Some Animal Mating Rituals?
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Male bowerbirds that inhabit both Australia and New Guinea attract females by building elaborate nests. Some bowerbirds collect trinkets, such as foil and snail shells, and others paint the walls of their pads with chewed berries, or decorate with flowers, leaves and anything they believe might attract a female to their living space.

The mating ritual of sea horses involves a dance that can last up to eight hours. The male and the female dance snout-to-snout, hold tails and even change colors. Gibbons, apes found in tropical rain forests, mate for life. They find a mate through singing. The song of a male gibbon can be heard up to half a mile away. Once the male and female bond, they sing duets together.

The mating ritual of hooded seals involves inflating a pink hood made of elastic nasal cavities and membranes that balloon from the seal's nostrils. If two male seals are fighting over a female, the male with the bigger pink hood tends to win. The male then shows his hood to the female, and she either accepts or declines his proposal.

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