What Animal Lives the Longest?


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The animal with the longest known lifespan is the ocean quahog, which lives for approximately 400 years. While some forms of ocean life, such as sea sponges, are believed to live very long, precise data on their lifespans has not yet become available. The second longest-living animal also resides in the sea: the bowhead whale, which lives around 211 years.

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Both the Galapagos tortoise and the Aldabra giant tortoise also make the Top 10 list, living 177 and 153 years, respectively. Almost all of the species to Discovery's Top 10 list are sea creatures, including the lake sturgeon, warty oreo and orange roughy. Some bowhead whales have been reported to live for as long as 200 years, but the average life expectancy for these animals is around 70 years. Elephants also live for close to 70 years.

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