What Animal Can Jump the Highest?

animal-can-jump-highest Credit: technotr/E+/Getty Images

The red kangaroo can jump the highest and can jump as high as 10 feet while bounding as far as 25 feet in a single leap. The red kangaroo is known scientifically as Megaleia rufa.

The red kangaroo's legs cannot move separately from one another so the kangaroo has to hop everywhere he goes. The red kangaroo is fast as well and can hop as fast as 35 miles per hour.

The red kangaroo is also the world's largest marsupial even though when born, the baby red kangaroos are smaller than the size of a cherry. The infants stay inside of their mother's pouch for 2 months after birth and will continue to climb back in to the pouch up to the age of 8 months whenever they are fearful of danger. Baby kangaroos are called "joeys."

The red kangaroo is a herbivore and can live up to 23 years in the wild. Most weigh approximately 200 pounds and when seen in a group, the group of kangaroos is referred to as a mob. The female red kangaroos are smaller, lighter and faster than the male red kangaroos. Sometimes the females also have a blue-hued coat instead of the more copper-red tone of the males.