What Is an Animal Beginning With “N”?

There are many animals whose common names begin with the letter N. Some examples include the narwhal, native cat, Nelson ground squirrel, neotropic cormorant, netted rock dragon and nighthawk.

Other animals that begin with the letter “N” are the night parrot, Nile crocodile, nilgai, nine-banded armadillo, northern elephant seal, northern fur seal, northern phalarope, nubian bee-eater, numbat, nutcracker, nuthatch and nyala. If binomial nomenclature (scientific names) is included, that expands the list to dozens of possibilities.

Adding scientific names to the criteria adds a number of animals whose common names do not necessarily begin with the letter “N”. One animal whose scientific and common names both begin with “N” is the Nangur skink (nangura spinosa).