What Are Some Facts About Animal Abuse?


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Some facts about animal abuse are that, as of 2015, all 50 states have felony laws against animal abuse, also that studies show humans who abuse animals are more likely to abuse humans as well. Neglect of an animal is also considered a type of abuse by all 50 states.

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Animal abuse constitutes violent harm such as beating, hitting, burning or otherwise injuring any animal including dogs, cats and horses. Animal neglect also constitutes abuse, and includes not providing an animal with a sanitary environment, veterinary attention, food, water, and shelter from extreme elements, including hot and cold temperatures. It is also considered animal abuse if a person hits a dog or cat with a motor vehicle and does not notify the owner or the police of the accident immediately.

Dogs are most commonly abused as of 2015, with 64.5% of all animal cruelty cases dealing with dogs. Pit bulls, in particular, are often involved in cruelty cases, with 25% of the dog-related animal cruelty cases in 2007 listing a pit bull as the victim.

There are also specific laws that apply to pet animals, such as dogs and cats, that also apply to livestock, such as pigs and exhibitor animals, such as zoo animals. One of these specific laws is the 28-hour law, which requires that animals may not be transported for more than 28 hours without being unloaded for food, water and rest to prevent animal cruelty.

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