Where Do Angler Fish Live?

angler-fish-live Credit: Doug Perrine/Photolibrary/Getty Images

According to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, anglerfish live in the soft sediment areas on the sea floor at the edges of lava flows. The majority of all anglerfish species are deep-sea dwellers that live approximately a mile below the surface where the water is freezing and there is little light, which can make it difficult for ecologists to study and observe these fish.

The anglerfish is a prime example of the adaption and survival of a species to its environment. These fish are carnivores. They can eat anything that comes within reach because of their large fang-like teeth, which are angled inward to make it easier to grab their prey. Adults vary in size from 8 inches to 3 feet long and they can grow up to 100 pounds. One of the most distinguishing features is a protrusion on the fish’s head that serves as a fishing lure. Their skin is thin and flexible, which also allows them to capture and eat prey that is as much as twice their size.

In spite of its ugly appearance, the anglerfish is considered a delicacy in Japan and Korea. It offers a lobster-like taste and texture. The tail is often sold in North America and Europe and is used in many exotic recipes.