What Is an American Dingo?


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The American Dingo is commonly referred to as the Carolina Dog. This dog is very primitive and shares many traits and characteristics with truly wild dogs.

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According to Dogster, Carolina Dogs are modern day Dingos with several similarities, such as their muscular, mid-size frames and short coats. These dogs were discovered in the American South and are believed to be descendants of "pariah dogs" from Asia that arrived in North America by crossing the Bering Strait nearly 9,000 years ago. Carolina Dogs are also referred to as Dixie Dingos as they are considered to be North America's version of the Dingo.

As there are wild breeds still known in modern society, the Carolina Dog is largely still thought of as a wild breed. However, this dog can become a very loyal companion with proper socialization. Prospective owners should know that the Carolina dog needs to be socialized starting at a very young age, or else it risks not being comfortable around people. Loyalty and a loving nature are strong points of this dog's temperament. This dog is intelligent and easy to housebreak, and it works well with children. The dog requires an owner who takes firm leadership, setting rules along the way to keep the dog in line.

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