What Is an American Bobtail?


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The American bobtail is a breed of domestic cat with a spotted tabby pattern coat and a short tail. It is considered a native breed of North America and is similar to but distinct from another American short-tailed breed called the pixiebob.

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American bobtails are an older breed than pixiebobs. They existed as a strain of feral cats for generations. They did not begin to be formally bred until the 1960s, starting with Yodi, a stray cat found on a reservation in Arizona. The pixiebob breed began in 1985 with a rescue cat from Washington state. Despite artificial breeding, the tail length in American bobtails is variable, and the breed has both short- and long-haired varieties. Unlike with pixiebobs, polydactyly — extra digits on the paws — is not part of the breed standard.

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