What Are Some Amazing Facts About Sharks?


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An amazing fact about sharks is that the skins of females are much thicker than that of males. This is because male sharks tend to bite the females during mating. In its lifetime, a shark can go through about 30,000 teeth.

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What Are Some Amazing Facts About Sharks?
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While humans only possess five senses, sharks have six. The sixth sense is known as electrosense. This allows them to detect minute electric fields with special organs that conduct electric currents. With this sense, a shark can detect even faint electric signals from potential prey.

Sharks do not have any bones in their bodies. Instead, they have a lightweight cartilage skeleton. This makes them extremely flexible and graceful in the water. Their tails are almost perfectly symmetrical and provide the sharks with great thrust.

Lantern sharks have the ability to glow in order to disguise themselves in the deep ocean. Great white sharks are the largest predatory fish on Earth, measuring an average of 15 feet. There have been sharks recorded as measuring in excess of 20 feet. Great whites have the remarkable ability to regulate their internal body temperature. They can produce their own heat and elevate their temperature to suit the environment that they are in. No other type of shark can do this. The whale shark is the largest fish on Earth. It can grow to 40 feet and can weigh over 20 tons.

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