Do Alpacas Spit?

Alpacas do spit. Spitting is mainly directed at other alpacas, though they also spit at humans if they are feeling distressed. They use spitting as a defense mechanism, as well as to express dominance while feeding.

Alpacas do not spit as much as llamas. In captivity, spitting behavior is most common during feeding time, when multiple animals may compete at the same trough. Alpacas that are pregnant are also more likely to spit, especially at males that may attempt to mount them after they have already conceived.

Alpacas perform a threat display before spitting. This consists of stiffly lowering the ears and stretching the neck and head at an upward angle. Alpaca spit varies in content. Sometimes it is mostly saliva, but very aggressive animals regurgitate their stomach contents and expel them at other animals and humans.