What Is an Albino Cockroach?


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An albino cockroach would be a cockroach that has a congenital disorder that lends it a reduced amount of pigment in its body. However, albinism is completely unknown in cockroaches, and so-called "albino" cockroaches are actually regular roaches that have recently shed their old casings.

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Albinism is a condition that affects pigment throughout an animal's body. An albino animal has either a reduced amount of or no pigment in its hair, skin, eyes, or other organs. In humans, albinism is characterized by a lack of melanin, which results in very pale skin, blond hair and pinkish irises. Albinism in insects is only recorded in a handful of species, and true albinism in cockroaches is entirely unknown.

Although very light cockroaches are sometimes seen, these faux albinos are cockroaches that have recently molted. When a cockroach molts, its new casing is initially very soft and white. After a few hours, it hardens and takes on its proper coloration.

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