Is an Albino Cobra Poisonous?


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Albino cobras have poisonous venom and are just as dangerous as cobras with typical coloring. The bite of an albino cobra carries two types of venom: neurotoxic venom and cytotoxic venom. Neurotoxic venom infects the nervous system and causes respiratory failure while cytotoxic venom compromises cell integrity.

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Working together, the two types of venom can lead to death in humans if a bite is left untreated. Albino cobras cannot survive very long in the wild. Their lack of skin pigmentation gives them a very light color which can be easily spotted by predators. Only one in 10,000 animals of all types is born albino, and albino animals are usually caught and killed by predators before they are old enough to reproduce and pass on the albino traits.

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