What Are Some Akita Training Tips?


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Because of the Akita's size and personality, early training and strong leadership are crucial for this dog. Being consistent with the dog helps it to learn how to behave properly.

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What Are Some Akita Training Tips?
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Start training Akitas when they are puppies. This is an intelligent breed, and teaching them that the human owner is in charge from an early age helps with training and behavior for the rest of the dog's life. Begin with basic commands, and as the puppy grows and matures, add in more complex and difficult training.

Establish leadership from the beginning. Akitas are stubborn, headstrong and very strong willed, so they must learn who is the pack leader right away. They have been known to dominate weaker owners, so setting boundaries and teaching the dog who is in charge is key for successful training. These dogs must be taught to be submissive and subordinate to the people in the home.

Consistent training and expectations are important. The dog must learn to obey at all times, and the correction must be applied every time it is needed. Consistent praise helps to balance the correction. The humans in the family must work to ensure their role of leaders and masters is not overtaken by the dog. This requires routine reinforcement of training, rules and family hierarchy.

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