What Is an Agouti Husky?

An agouti husky is a working husky dog that has fur characterized by alternating colored bands along the individual hair shafts. Agouti is a rare coat pattern for purebred Siberian huskies. Alaskan huskies can have any coat pattern, including agouti.

Agouti fur is tipped with black, with another color further down the hair shaft. Individual hairs may have more than one color along their length, creating a striped or speckled look.The color bands may be gray, cream or yellow. This fur type is common in wild wolves. Agouti Siberian huskies have darker faces than dogs of other coat types, and any light spots are cream rather than pure white.

Both Alaskan and Siberian huskies are dogs bred specifically for sled-pulling; however Siberian huskies are a pure breed with registered pedigree lines, while Alaskan huskies utilize a number of different dog breeds to produce a combination of superior speed, endurance and athletic ability. As Alaskans are bred for performance, not appearance, they can be of any coat type.