What Is the African Millipede?


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The African millipede is a large arthropod that grows 8 to 11 inches in length. The giant African millipede has a long body structure, and it has around 100 legs that are grouped into four legs on each segment of the body.

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What Is the African Millipede?
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The giant African millipede can be found in the sub-tropical and tropical regions of Africa, and it is usually located in rotting wood or moist vegetation. The millipede is mostly a herbivore, eating fruit or rotting plant matter, but it also feeds on animal carcasses. They usually have around eight pairs of legs when hatching, but they grow new legs with each molting stage until reaching adulthood. When threatened, they curl their bodies and rely on a foul liquid to keep predators at bay. The liquid is only harmful to humans if it gets in the eyes.

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