What Do African Dwarf Frogs Eat?

African dwarf frogs eat worms, gammarus and shrimp. Dwarf frogs kept as pets can be fed fresh or frozen brine shrimp, beef heart and tadpole bites, which are pellets containing vitamins and minerals, fish meal, fish oil and brewer's yeast.

Pet African dwarf frogs eat a variety of foods to which their wild counterparts are never exposed such as beef heart, which is the heart of a cow. However, worms are a popular meal that both wild and pet frogs eat. Popular types include bloodworms, nightcrawlers and earthworms. Although frogs prefer fresh meat, they also eat frozen worms as long as they are cut into small pieces. However, bloodworms should never be fed live to frogs because they contain hooks, which make it difficult for the frog to swallow.

Wild African dwarf frogs very rarely eat insects. Instead, they feed on crustaceans, worms and bug larvae. Shrimp is one crustacean that is popular among wild frogs because they are native to the Congo River where the African dwarf frog lives. Gammarus is another type of crustacean that both wild and pet dwarf frogs can eat. These long crustaceans have 13 body segments and live around freshwater habitats such as rivers and lakes.