What is some advice on grooming a Pomeranian husky mix?


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Pomeranian huskies have medium length, thick coats, so they require daily brushing. In the summer heat, these dogs may need extra brushing to help remove the hair they shed, or they may need haircuts from a groomer to prevent them from overheating.

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Pomeranian huskies must be bathed every two to four months unless they get covered in something smelly or dirty. Bathing the dogs too frequently dries out their skin. Shampoo made for dogs is required because human shampoo might be too harsh for the dogs' skin. Clipping the dogs' nails every two weeks helps to avoid overgrown nails that can cause discomfort or even broken toes.

Pomeranian huskies should be brushed daily to remove dead hair and skin and to keep coats healthy. Brushing dogs also helps remove matting and knots, which is important with medium- to long-haired breeds such as Pomeranian huskies. Puppies unfamiliar with regular brushing may be wary, but they are likely to become comfortable with the ritual if rewarded with treats during brushing sessions.

Cleaning the dogs' ears prevents ear infections. The owner can wipe the surface of the ears clean but should not try to clean inside the ear canal. The dogs' teeth should also be cleaned two to three times per week with water, baking soda, or dog toothpaste. A piece of gauze or a special dog toothbrush is helpful for cleaning teeth.

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