What Are Some Advanced Dog Tricks?

advanced-dog-tricks Credit: fStop Images - Julia Christe/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Once a dog has mastered the basics, it can move on to more advanced tricks, such as agility training for competitive sport, mastering household chores and balancing treats on its nose. Agility training includes teaching dogs to master many types of obstacles, including navigating an A-frame teepee-shaped walkway, a teeter-totter and a balance beam. Agility training also includes navigating tunnels, various types of jumps and weaving through poles.

After a dog learns several basic commands and has a strong sense of discipline, it can start to learn simple household, such as fetching the newspaper and taking out the trash. Teaching a dog to shake or give a high-five is another advanced trick that proves useful when cleaning its paws before it enters the house. A dog can also be trained to shake water off of its fur before going inside.

Balancing treats on its nose is an advanced trick that a dog can learn while still a puppy. "Touch" is a another advanced trick that involves the dog touching a human's closed hand lightly with its nose to open it. This command is useful in an emergency when it may need to use his nose to open a door, signal for help or turn a light on.