What Are Some Adoption and Rescue Resources for Schnauzer Puppies?


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The easiest resource to begin to rescue or adopt a schnauzer puppy is to conduct research online at places like SchnauzerHealth.com and AdoptAPet.com. There are many resources like this online and all across the country.

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Some of the other sites are http://www.adoptapet.com/s/adopt-a-miniature-schnauzer and http://adopt.dogtime.com/breeds/schnauzer. This list is not nearly exhaustive. Some sites are listed by state or area of the country. The research online will bring you to schnauzer puppies close to your location. There are three different types of schnauzers: one average-sized, simply called schnauzer, the miniature, and the giant schnauzer. Some rescues specialize in one of the breeds, some have all three types.

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