How Do You Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier From a Rescue?

How Do You Adopt a Yorkshire Terrier From a Rescue?

To adopt a Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue, fill out an application, prepare the home for a visit from the agency, and pay the necessary fees. Potential adopters should check with the rescue of their choice to find out specific adoption requirements.

Potential adopters should look for a reputable Yorkie rescue and be prepared for the process and fees associated with adopting a pet.

  1. Fill out an application
  2. Most rescues require a lengthy application. Applications include information about an adopter's housing situation, children and other pets living in the household, experience level, type of lifestyle and contact information of a veterinarian. Fill in the application as completely and honestly as possible.

  3. Prepare for a home visit
  4. Many rescues perform home visits to ensure the adopted pet will be well cared for. Home visits include interviewing all members of the household and interacting with pets already in the home. During this visit, the rescue will look for things such as the proximity of the home to busy roads, the safety of doors and windows, and the condition of the backyard. Be prepared to answer questions and provide a tour of the home.

  5. Pay the adoption fee
  6. Once approved, the Yorkie rescue will charge an adoption fee. Adoption fees vary greatly by rescue and can range from $100 to $500, and are often based on the age of the pet and any care received while with the rescue.