How Do You Adopt Yorkies Cheaply?


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To adopt a Yorkie cheaply, contact a non-profit Yorkie rescue, such as Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc., Save a Yorkie Rescue or Rescue Me Yorkie Rescue. As of 2015, Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue charges a minimal fee of $150 plus a mandatory microchipping fee. Fees at Rescue Me Yorkie Rescue range from $50 to $750.

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Another place to look for purebred Yorkies is the website of the North Shore Animal League of America, a large no-kill rescue organization that partners with puppy mill and other rescues across the United States to rehome dogs living in cruel or inhumane situations. Search for adoptable dogs on its website by entering your ZIP code, or enter a name or adoption number to search for a specific dog. The site also offers information about the Yorkie breed to help potential adopters determine if a Yorkie is a good fit for their home.

Rescues base their adoption fees on the dog's age, temperament, health and size. Rescues use these fees to provide food, shelter and medical care for rescued animals. Younger animals are often more adoptable, so rescues sometimes charge more for these animals to offset the costs of caring for senior, special-needs and less-adoptable dogs.

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