How Do You Adopt Yorkie Poos for Free?


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The best way to find a free Yorkie-poo for adoption is to check with your local animal shelter or a breed rescue group to see if they have any programs that waive adoption fees. Fee-waived adoptions may only occur at certain times or apply to certain dogs, such as older dogs.

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Consider using Petfinder.com to search for Yorkie-poos in your area. This site lets you search by breed and location. Since Yorkie-poo is a nickname for a Yorkshire terrier and poodle mix, search for both possible breeds for best results. Visit your local animal shelters in person if possible, since online listings can be out of date.

Even if there is no fee-waived program available, most adoption fees are low enough that the dog is essentially free when you factor all the necessary care a new dog needs. Most dogs need to be vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered when they arrive in their new homes. When a private veterinarian provides these services, the cost is often significantly more than a pet adoption fee.

In addition, animal rescues test dogs for temperament and health issues prior to placing the dogs with families. If behavioral problems do occur, most rescues provide advice and support to help overcome them.

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