How Do You Adopt Westie Dogs?

The easiest way to adopt a Westie is to go to a breed-specific rescue organization. These rescues have purebred or mostly purebred Westies of all ages available for adoption to qualified homes.

Westies, officially known as West Highland White Terriers, are a popular breed of dog, so there are many breed-specific rescue organizations for them. Adopters can contact these organizations by searching online for ones in their area, or they can locate them through national organizations such as the American Kennel Club Rescue Network or Westie Rescue USA.

Sometimes Westies end up in municipal shelters or other rescues that are open to all breeds. One of the most effective ways for adopters to locate these dogs is to search for them on, a website that allows rescues to list their adoptable dogs. allows users to filter search results based on a variety of factors including breed and location.

Adopters can also contact their local shelters directly and ask to be notified if a Westie is surrendered to the shelter. Not all shelters are able to do this, however, and adopters should continue to check in regularly.

Once you locate a potential rescue dog, the shelter requires an adoption application. Some may require home visits or other evaluations to make sure it is a good fit. Once you are approved, you can pay your adoption fee and take your Westie home.