How Do You Adopt a West Highland White Terrier From an Animal Rescue Organization?

To adopt a West Highland white terrier, first locate an available dog by searching on or a similar pet adoption website. Once you find a suitable dog, contact the rescue organization that listed it, and fill out an application for adoption.

You can also work directly with Westie breed rescues, which you can find through the American Kennel Club Rescue Network or Westie Rescue USA. Local all-breed shelters may also be able to recommend breed-specific rescues. If there is no Westie breed rescue in your area, consider contacting groups in nearby regions. Check all-breed shelters as well, because they do sometimes get purebred dogs.

The adoption process varies depending on the organization's policies, but generally it begins with an adoption application. This provides general information about your living situation, experience with animals and other details that may affect your ability to care for a dog. Some rescues also perform home visits to make sure everything is safe. If your application is approved, the next step is to meet the dog, which may take place at a shelter or your home. Some organizations require everyone who lives in the home, as well as any other dogs, to attend this meeting.

If the meeting goes well, the rescue may give you an adoption contract to sign. This contract lays out your responsibilities to the dog and transfers ownership. This is typically also when you pay the adoption fee. After that, you can take your new dog home.