How Do You Adopt a Sugar Glider?


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To adopt a sugar glider, first check the laws in your state to determine if the ownership of sugar gliders is legal or if they are considered restricted exotic animals. Next, find rescue groups, breeders, animal control facilities, veterinary offices or individuals who participate in adoption programs for sugar gliders. Consider volunteering at a rescue group to network with people in the animal community who facilitate adoptions and to learn about caring for unique animals.

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Check your regional and local newspapers for classified advertisements about sugar glider adoptions. Many reputable organizations and individuals post in newspapers and on newspaper websites when animals are available for adoption. Newspapers also provide important information and resources for unique animals in the area where you live. Take care to ensure the people setting up the adoption are legitimate. If there are consistently no advertisements posted, place an advertisement yourself as an eligible adoptive home.

After you have contacted an organization or individual who is looking for homes for sugar gliders, be prepared for requests. These may include arranging a meeting, hosting a home visit and providing contact information for a veterinarian of your choosing. Ask for veterinary records, personality or temper tests and any other information you need to ensure the animal is healthy. Expect a sugar glider to live to up to 15 years of age in captivity.

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